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SOLTRAK™ Modular Solar Roofing

Modular Solar Roofing

MSR’s flagship product SOLTRAK™, is a Modular Solar Roofing system that incorporates two unique innovations: polymer roofing tiles that can have solar cells integrated directly into the tiles; and a proprietary track mounting system that is easily installed, allowing the tiles to be snapped into place with no tools. This innovative Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system is produced using high-volume, tight specification manufacturing methods derived from the automotive industry, resulting in a durable, watertight, high- performance solar roof.

Most solar power systems offered for residential rooftops today use large panels that have been optimized for large industrial and commercial applications. They are expensive, difficult to install on small rooftops, and generally too unattractive for most homeowners. Without subsidies, the payback time from the energy savings often exceeds the lifespan of the solar panels themselves. However, with the low upfront cost of SOLTRAK™, payback is greatly enhanced – and the homeowner has a good looking roof.

With SOLTRAK™, the installation of the PV system is simple, rapid and safe; it is done as part of the roof itself. So, it also shares the cost with the roof. Instead of paying twice to first install a premium roof and then a complex PV system on top, the homeowner pays for only a single, simple installation. By reducing the up-front capital cost of solar power, SOLTRAK™ lowers the biggest barrier to residential adoption of PV technology.

Additional benefits of SOLTRAK™

  • The lightweight polymer tiles are easy to handle and transport.
  • The embedded solar cells provide a seamless and attractive appearance.
  • The roof looks the same regardless of how much PV solar is installed.
  • The textured, high-impact polymer tiles provides superior protection for the solar cells, as well as less reflection than glass.
  • In addition to the benefits of solar energy, SOLTRAK™ is one of the most environmentally friendly roof systems available.
  • Tiles can be easily replaced, so the solar system can be expanded or repaired with little effort. Adding additional solar power is simple and low cost.