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Projects - Laneway Housing

West House was a demonstration sustainable laneway home built as a showcase for the Olympic Games, and displayed at the Vancouver Yaletown LiveCity Site. It featured a complete roof built with MSR Innovations SOLTRAK™ Modular Solar Roofing system. The design of the house included a large south-facing slope, which had a square of solar tiles integrated into the centre of the slope face. These tiles generated one kilowatt of electrical power on a sunny day. The balance of the roof was covered with non-solar tiles in a charcoal colour. This is a good example of how the solar tiles and non-solar tiles all are part of the same roof structure, thereby enhancing the aesthetics of the roof.

The SOLTRAK™ roof was an integral part of the showcase of leading-edge small footprint design, energy efficient, integrated systems and interactive technologies that support a sustainable lifestyle. While superior aesthetics, a secure building envelope, and renewable energy generation are all key benefits of the SOLTRAK™ system, the tight timelines for this Vancouver 2010 venue also highlighted its ease of installation.