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MSR Innovation’s SolTrak™ modular solar roofing system receives UL certification

In June 2012, MSR’s modular solar roofing system, SOLTRAK™ was granted UL1703 Certification and the CSA/US Mark by the CSA Group after extensive testing. Additionally, Class C fire testing has been successfully completed.

Vital for marketplace acceptance, successful UL product certification provides installers, homebuilders and homeowners with confidence in the knowledge that SolTrak has been thoroughly evaluated and rigorously tested by a certified testing agency. Certification is a key element accomplished by MSR Innovations as it establishes a leading market position.

The UL1703 Certification is currently the standard for photovoltaic (PV) solar installations in most jurisdictions. Because it is an internationally accepted standard, including recognition in Canada, and the US, homebuilders and homeowners can be assured that in meeting this standard, SolTrak generates electricity safely for residential use.

SolTrak is the first true solar roofing system – not merely solar panels installed on top of a separate roofing product, but a complete roofing system that is designed to incorporate solar cells seamlessly into its construction. MSR Innovations is a BC-based company and an innovator in the rapidly expanding residential solar energy market. SolTrak is now available across Canada and the United States.