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Projects - Carports

YVR Carports Pilot Project

The SOLTRAKā„¢ system is a 2.4kW Utility Interactive system, meaning it is tied into the grid through a net meter supplied by BC Hydro. Even with Vancouver weather, a reasonable day will provide 10kW hours per day and as much as 15 kW hours on a good day. Next to the picture below, you can see the real time online monitoring information from the inverter. As shown in the photos, this project demonstrated the ease of installation of a SOLTRAKā„¢ roof. The 200 clear solar tiles have PV laminates embedded in them. The 600 non-solar tiles are grey in color. This system has been operating continuously year round for 4 years through all seasons and different weather conditions, including being subjected to heavy rain, strong winds and even some unexpected snow load testing!